Proton Gen2 Tuning


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Dec 30, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
Hey guys , I'm planning to do some tuning for my car. For the time being , I did the 4-2-1 exhaust only. and I got few questions to ask. For what I know is that I want more initial speed from my car.. Is it so called low-mid speed ? Which means I wan more pick up instead of high speed.. Cause I not gonna do more then 130 normally. Let's say from nought to 100 faster.. cause I really seldom drive beyond 130.

What shud I mod ?
I planned to have my air filer changed , is HKS a good product ?
ECU and voltage stabilizer are different thing right ?
I read through forums and somebodies say tat Gen2's stock ECU is not so good...
ECU can be replace or juz can do adjustments ?
So for now I go for HKS air filter + NGK/Denso spark plug + ECU adjustment ?

Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you. I need improvement in car's knowledge. Just teach me. Thanks !

Add-on : any recommended garage/shop provide reliable engine wash and carbon cleaning ? Prefer Uptown area. I'm just feeling unsafe to letting RM10 roadside car washer to clean my engine.