I'm Back!! With A Question However.

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Apr 2, 2011
Subang Jaya
It's been a while since i was dealing with JPJ and Stuffs trying to help out the zth community. However,i manage to collect a bit of funds as after a year of doing it. My question:
Between a Honda Prelude BB Model H22A VTEC VS Celica ST183 with a 3SGTE 2.0 Turbo.
This question was playing in my mind since i was planning on getting a car for my hobby to mod it. And recently i set up a company called ARK industry to take up its toll in assisting in the mods to the beloved car. I wanna ask all of the ZTH humble Opinions on which one is:
1)more comfy
2)more power and acceleration
3) suitable for daily drive
4) Fuel Consumption
5)More parts in term of spare parts or after markets mods.
6) Achieving more power.
7)Pricing wise almost the same but which one brings better value? (typical Malaysian thinghy)
8) Which one is more robust?
9) What are the pros and cons on ur side of view on both cars.

Much help will be appreciated.:adore:

ken yeang

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Feb 2, 2006
3SGTE engine is "handicapped" by ST183. Originally, 3SGTE runs with 4WD.

I think the mentioned "kacuk" makes the two models an unfair comparison.

Powerwise, by comparison both engines (stock standard), of course the one with "T" has more power.


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Apr 2, 2011
Subang Jaya
Couldnt find the ST185 4WD gearbox,rear axle and tank bro..Tough choice but still i have to make one or else i'll end up with my uncle W202 with klemann supercharger =.=. Which one?
How about the comfort and consumption and parts?


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Aug 20, 2009
good condition Manual H22A should cost u around 0.22 per km ( RON95 @ RM 2.10/liter ) for normal driving.

the digital fuel panel is nice but when it is gone, u will have a hard time to find it.


Lesser aftermarket parts compare to B series. Not sure about 3SGTE.

my twenty cent :beer:

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Lately, i have wobbly or 'membuang' cornering on my satria. Before this, it think it is a lot better. What is possibly the cause? Must be wear and tear things right, since it is not there before. Absorber, absorber mounting, lower arm? Appreciate your inputs.

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