Bodykits for Cefiro A32?


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May 26, 2006
Yeah...but grip is only one of the things to look at. You need power, gearing and suspension as well...


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Jul 15, 2004
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guys...saw this Diana kit in a halfcut shop today...front bumper..side skirt n rear bumper foglight...lower door panel n rear spoiler also dont have...what do u guys think?? VIP??? :evil:


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hi currently trying 2 troubleshoot my car..its an ori mitsu vr4..d only mod i've done is evo7 cooler, vr4 na inlet manifold, banana manifold...apart from dis other remains standard e.g. injectors, turbine etc etc...

no problems starting or starts when d car HAS started...i have 2 "play" wiz d gas paddle 2 avoid d engine "dying"...u see...d idling is rough (though i think dis is more of n understatement)..after d car starts, d idling is smooth (engine cold) but after...
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