calling all IpoH People!!! moving there and need help..


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Oct 19, 2005
hello guys..
ok.. as the topic goes.. i am moving to manjung actually... so i guess the nearest big town is ipoh rite?? (actually i am from kuala kangsar but been studying and living in KL)...

since i am moving there... can anyone please recomend/suggest me a good-no-rip-off workshop or tuner... more.. is there any chop shop that is worth to mention...

thanks in advance guys.. mebbe later we can have TT session in ipoh..
ipoh people here... currently in ipoh.... but soon have to go back to malacca study lor....

about workshops in ipoh arr??... i also not vr sure ler... but there is one in menglembu near industrial area... that workshop do engine tuning geh... PM kwai for more info ler.... he lurks around ipoh quite often.... spyderSLR also another ipoh based sifoo.....
CM motorsport hehe...btw alex u not wif VR motor dy meh??
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yeahhh gr8... heheheh thanks for the info...i'll drop by the setapak thread...

by the way... still any1 hails from ipoh can info2 here... thanks
i saw 2 R34 howling on Ipoh highway (to simpang pulai) previously. Still no clue whose Skyline until today.

ipoh ahmoi waiting for you, dude. :biggrin:
Worked in Jelapang 2 years, I from Penang, used to think Ipoh is a dead town with just accessories mod community, mana tau alot of crouching tiger hidden dragon also, been to watch people drift and drag nearly every week if the channel is correct, scary. Alot of performance tuner shop there also (Zero4, VR..) not sure bout the rip off part.
Chop shop alot of Jalan Lahat near Menglembu. There's where I used to shop.
balck samurai- ipoh ahmoi... here i come...!!!! hehehhehe

tinbun- wahhh i dunno theres tuner there... although i am actually from kuala kangsar (30min from ipoh) but i never shop in ipoh.. heheheheh next weekend i'm going back to my hometown.. mebbe i round2 around ipoh or menglembu to find something...
u from kuala kangsar er...??...haha..then kwai got kaki liao....anyway, i'm from ipoh too, but working in kl.... =)...cheerzzz

oh btw, ipoh ahmoi all in KL jor....hahaha
my fren evo 7 was stolen today from his home.he park his car inside his home.he slept at 2am.but no alarm siren woke up car not there anymore.pls if anyone spotted pls call me or his num
car got no sticker,very plain.behind got no evolution emblem

016 555 3800 ken

012 5176593 loong

car pics


i am currently working at sitiawan, manjung. near to ipoh. yeah, there's few chop shop at jalan lahat, menglembu. one is Giant Auto Part.
ystday there was a contenna arrived n opened. but nothg much inside. not sure coz havent finish unloading i chao oredi ... so guys at ipoh pls check oh ... kekeke..

my car has always been service my this mech in Bercham industrial area. even though i work in KL, i still go back like every other month for him to service, he did the transplant for me also.

Good workmanship on the transplant. always use original parts. price is ok, not too cheap and not too expensive, you pay for quality job.

let me know if you need his contact.
me oso ipoh lang..but duno where to shop for parts in ipoh...all i know is pengkalan there is few tuner ....some call zero4 something like tht...VR jln sultan azlan shah.....and carlink(which change their name to something) at somewhere near bendahara oso...

lorddarkside..depends wat u1 in ipoh..those were tuners..if u1 bodykitss..i think monster garage at jln kuala kangsar could help u pimp up ur monster...for sound system....welll....not so oso ipoh lang kl most of the kl...will b back ipoh next week for 3months break..mayb u can give me a call..i help alias with ya in me if u1 my number...
TiBuN said:
been to watch people drift and drag nearly every week if the channel is correct, scary. .

Bro... Im from ipoh.... R u sure people drag everyweek???
Wah... May i know which place ar?? Wanna go n have a look n see see.... Hehe... :shades_smile:
to: lan evo... sorry to hear that.. will contact if have info..

d6d2... i'll be base at manjung soon.... so i guess mebbe we can have TT session sumtime...

hky... will contact u if its time to service my car... or mebbe i can just check it out 1st

eujin.... i think i am more to little2 cosmetics,interior and some tuning needed to my enjin....for exterior, i oredi convert to full evo3 bodykits... but all this planning... slow2 wan... drag and drift scene summore... greattt..... hehehehhe... i am not afraid anymore / excited to move to manjung liao...hell yeahh... manjung here i come....

1 more thing... errkkk wat about JPJ around ipoh/manjung area like?? because of my bodykits, i afraid jpj lorr....

edit: kwai... u kuala where from??? heheheh
no prob dude .. tt sesion on.

yeah bro, this few days jpj blocking at manjung every route links to penang, ipoh n kl. better careful ya ... but mostly they awares on lorries.
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