need help from all the cefiro owners!!!


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Mar 31, 2006
hey guys...
im kinda new in this automotive world..can sumone pls tell me hows the process to convert a rb into a it a lot of work??is all the mounting diff??wiring?gbox??driveshaft and evrything.wat exactly do u neeed to mke it i am act studying in here theres no chop shop like malaysia.they only sell the motors and the gbox n wiring,dats y im kinda stuck with options over before i start to pick which car to do i hv to know hows the process gona b 1st..
i really hope u sifu's is gna help me.tanx btw..
Firstly which cefiro are referring to? If its the A31 then its pretty straight forward. The standard a31 ceffy comes with a few variants of engines from the RB20e, RB20de, RB20det and RB25det. All same platform so no changes need to be done for engine mounts....plug and play.

I know in certain places such as South Africa and Saudi Arabia the A31's actually come in manual unlike Malaysia, where they are all auto's. If your's is an auto and you plan to keep it that way then it should be jst a simple job of removing old engine and putting in new. If you want to go manual there's additional things to get but its not rocket science.

You will need of course the brake&clutch pedals, manual handbrake, clutch pump, clutch damper, manual gbox, prop shaft(should be able to use the rear section of R32 and front remain the A31). Note if you are going for RB25det/neo and RB25 gbox then you will need to mod the prop shaft, likely a cut and weld then balance as the R33/R34 prop shafts will not fit directly.

Besides the engine and gearbox transplant, make sure you do not overlook your fueling, suspension and brakes. Halfcuts will usually come with brakes, also note that these will be 5hole unlike the a31 4 hole. You can get S14 knuckles for the front to convert to 5 holes...the rears you can take the entire assembly from the halfcut it will be a plug and play. S14 knuckles are expensive and hard to fine so if you want alternatives then just take the front discs to a machine shop and get them to drill either 1 or 2 additional holes to make it fit the 4stud hub of your ceffy.

The stock a31 fuel pump is not sufficient for the RB20det and above engine so dont hope of gunning it. Quick upgrades are the GTR pump (190 l/hr) or Fairlady (210 l/hr). Suspension is hard to find...if you can find a good condition one grab it...else you should be able to use S13 ones. They might be abit stiff or bouncy as the S13 susp rods are much shorter but you may be lucky to find a suitable set. If you have the budget upgrading to a free flowing exhaust will significantly increase the performance as well.

Follow proper service intervals and use good oil. Make sure coil packs and plugs are good condtn. That should be the basics...if you need more info you can always refer to the zth forums and other forums such as Skylines Australia for more info/help

All the best in your conversion. Cheers
tanx a lot a31gtst..
okie..d car act is a nissan maxima..i act dun really know if its d same wit ceffy or not but from the outside it looks exactly d same..maybe jus another name in other places..duno if im ryt..if u do know pls let me know..
it looks like uv already explain avrything kinda clear..d thing is left is d decision..ill hv to think abt it..btw tanx again mr a31gtst..

hope u njoy ur new year..n christmas..
cheers tho~
Yes, in different countries such as America and others the A31 Ceffy is called the Maxima.


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