4g93 SOHC issues - need help, please

zul standard

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zul standard

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Jun 10, 2004
Hi all

I need an advice or welcome any suggestion, recently changed head gasket, skimmed the head and changed new radiator cap after balik raya. Due off money issue i have to fix it my self (lucky me save more than rm700),
after finish installed back the engine my car will have difficulties starting. 1st crank it will stuck then 2nd time it start just like a normal engine, i check all connection is ok, even change the distributor connector replacing the old reput one. Here is the list of the symptom i encounter after fix the previous problem
1- if driving above 3000 rpm it ok but when u pull off the gas when the meter goes down to 2500 rpm the car have a slight jerking (letop letop)
2- i tried test the limit of the car last night at DUKE, 1-4th gear i rev and change at 4000 - 5000rpm but when on the 5th gear when rev almost come to 4000rpm the car suddenly jerk hard and seems like lost power or compression but happens so quickly the problem also gone quickly but i kinda afraid to hit that speed again.
is there any suggestion what should i do, i check or change?
in my mind now like changing the battery is one thing then the fuel filter, maybe need to check the fuel pump, other than that any suggestion guys? :dontknow:

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hey bros, have u ever seen somebody used VR4 ecu and moddfied the chip operate in VR4 RS engine, and changing the turbine to EVO 3 one? is it a better way to go for? or in order to saving money only?who can tell me, thanys ya
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