AMG GTR now in Malaysia – 5 reasons why it’s so devilishly fast

Rear wheel steer works by actively altering the car’s wheelbase in a virtual sense, discretely steering the rear wheels in either direction thus improving manoeuvrability at any given speed. This feature greatly help today’s performance cars increase agility in tight corners, improve grip at high speed or even simply to decrease turning radius at the …

HKS GT1000+ GTR on-Board with Nob Taniguchi at Sepang – TIMETOATTACK!

Dubbed “The World’s Fastest GTR”, the HKS GT1000+ GTR, together with Nobuteru Taniguchi recently made an explosive entry onto TIMETOATTACK stage with a never before seen, blazing laptime of 2:07.193. HKS’s pièce de résistance R35 GTR has every available HKS part thrown into it. As the name suggest, the GT1000+ produces in excess of 1200hp …
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2015 TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND – GTR & Supercars + Results!

At TIMETOATTACK, the types of cars you will find in the entry list are not limited to JDMs or heavily modded Continentals. Over the years we have seen a number of supercar owners who are not afraid of taking their million-Ringgit rides and discover their limits at the 5.543km Sepang Circuit. If you wish to …
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Nissan GTR and Supercar @ 2015 TIMETOATTACK Round 1!

Ever since its inception, the Nissan R35 GTR has never stopped to amaze the auto scene worldwide. Endlessly posting incredible quarter-mile runs on drag strips and zooming through corners like a hot knife through butter, the GTRs that took part in TIMETOATTACK were also equally impressive, showing us what the twin-turbocharged monster can really do …
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The GTRs & Supercars @ 2014 TIMETOATTACK Final Round!

On every round of TIMETOATTACK, we will always keep a close eye on the monstrous Nissan R35 GTR as they will never cease to amaze. It seems like the possibilities of this twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 monster are endless and they kept on pushing the limit on every outing around the 5.543km Sepang International Circuit.