This Weekend: HKS Parts at Super Sale Prices! Only at TIMETOATTACK! – Sepang Circuit.

11950662_901626406586093_1240136952_nPrepare for the ultimate HKS fest at TIMETOATTACK this weekend at Sepang Oct 3 & 4! For the first time ever, the much anticipated HKS Premium Day will debut right here at TIMETOATTACK! The HKS Premium Day is an large, showcase of the aftermarket tuning scene revolving around the legendary HKS brand, including track day and time attack segments.

Event Details:


  • Date: 3rd & 4th October 2015
  • Venue: Sepang International Circuit

Full Details: http://www.timetoattack.net

10946690_1414341265532743_242035930_nThe inaugural HKS Premium Day in Malaysia is set to drop jaws with top highlights being 2 of the world’s current most prominent Time Attack legends from Japan. in a form of a Man and Machine, air flown direct from Tokyo:

  • Nobuteru Taniguchi: The undisputed legend in the world of Time Attack, GT Racing and Drift.
  • HKS GT1000+ R35 GTR: The Fastest Time Attack GTR in the world. Proven in the recent WTAC


Now if you currently own a JDM, or better, a GTR, you’re in a for a second treat! Available no where else, HKS is throwing huge discounts off their parts just for this weekend! Anything from the popular HKS Super Air Filter kits to their boost controllers to DCT coolers all the way up to their GT1000, 1000hp kit for the GTR, they got you covered!

Check out the poster below:

HKS-SUPER-SALE-OLSo, think no more, set your calendars free for TIMETOATTACK this weekend! It’s TIMETOATTACK!

For further details simply log on to, or contact us directly via phone or email listed here: http://www.timetoattack.ne