Nissan to launch updated GTR at New York Auto Show?


Since now we are done with the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, it is time to shift our attention to the upcoming New York Auto Show. And the first car or teaser that immediately caught our attention is something from Nissan where although it is a very mysterious image, there is little reason to believe that it is not a GTR.

The mighty GTR has been with us since 2007 and the beast had undergone numerous updates in turning it into a slicker and faster machine. Unfortunately for us, Nissan had only released this single image with no other information attached, so we are not sure if the Godzilla will be receiving additional horses in this new trim.


But sticking to what Nissan had done in the past, we should expect cosmetic changes being made such as a new bumper design or new headlights/taillights. Changes on the performance should also be expected as that is what Nissan has been doing almost every year to the GTR.

There is also chatter suggesting that this is going to be the final updated version of the R35 before Nissan welcomes the new ‘R36’. Whatever this new GTR might be, the New York Auto Show is only a week away so it is not going to be a long wait for the secrets to be revealed.