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The GTRs & Supercars @ 2014 TIMETOATTACK Final Round!


On every round of TIMETOATTACK, we will always keep a close eye on the monstrous Nissan R35 GTR as they will never cease to amaze. It seems like the possibilities of this twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 monster are endless and they kept on pushing the limit on every outing around the 5.543km Sepang International Circuit.




Easily penetrating into the 2:35 barrier, the GTRs that made an appearance this round are not holding back either. Zahari and his stock-looking GTR might not look that menacing, but whatever work that has been done under the hood was worth it as he managed to clock a best time of 2:34.550.



While we are still waiting for a GTR Nismo joining TIMETOATTACK, there are a couple of GTRs dressed up as this armed-to-the-teeth model and showing that it is not just for show. Robert Kenji did a terrific job taking his devilish Godzilla to lap Sepang in 2:30.342, placing him fifth in the GTR category.



Joining in the camo movement, this #88 GTR might look fancy with its blue and black camo looks. But there has definitely been some work underneath the skin, allowing Billy to clock an incredible timing of 2:25.523 and earning him the second place as well.




But of course the highlight of the Final Round is definitely the return of Ken Ji’s trusted Godzilla. The Goldmember-turned Black Mamba, his GTR has always been the talk of the town and now with the HKS GT1000 package installed, he managed to push his car even further to clock an astonishing 2:23.748, securing the top spot in the GTR category.



Running alongside the GTRs are those in the Supercar category, represented by a trio of Audi R8s. Taking home the second place is Kenny Woo in the #94 R8 V8 with a best time of 2:56.670, while Nashriq Kushaini in the R8 V10 took home the win with a timing of 2:44.409.