Nissan Confirms GT-R R36 To Be Hybrid!

Godzilla. Born in the late 1960s, refined over the years as what we see today, the GT-R R35. Debuted in 2007, the R35 has seen a few improvements, be it minor updates, or a slight performance bump. Nissan didn’t stop at the small improvements, as Nissan also had a Nismo tuned GT-R for those hardcore buyers. For the race teams, Nissan has the GT-R GT3 at their disposal.

Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-3 Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-4

By 2015, the Nissan GT-R would be 8 years old, which is ancient in car terms. So it comes as no surprise that Nissan is cooking up a new replacement model. James Oliver, Nissan Great Britain’s Sports Car Chief said, “I think it [a GT-R hybrid] is the obvious direction, there’s been obsessive development of the GT-R over the years, and at some point we will move onto the next generation car. The overall market is looking at different methods of powering cars, and at Nissan we’ve got great expertise and investment of electric.”

Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-7 Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-9

Oliver remained tight lipped on technical aspects on the successor of the R35, but one thing is for sure. It will sport more than the 542 bhp the current car has, and will likely achieve a zerotohundred time of less than the already mental 2.8 seconds. If anything, the R36 would be like the R35 before it, a supercar killer, (we hope) at a fraction of the price as well.

Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-14 Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-15 Nissan-GT-R-Vision-2020-16

Oliver also said, “We have a real broad cross section of customers, some are on their fifth GT-R. Other buyers come and buy one, then move onto the next big thing elsewhere, that’s typical of the sports car market.”.

Stay tuned to as this interesting (and definitely drool worthy) news progresses.

Story via TopGear, and pictures shown here are the Nissan Vision 2020 Concept.

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