The AMS Alpha Omega is the fastest GTR in the world!


The mighty Nissan GTR kept on making a name for itself from time to time as it proves to be not only a 911 hunter, but an effective supercar killer. Also flourishing in the world of straight line racing, one of the famed tuners in turning the GTR into a road rocket is the guys from AMS Performance with the Alpha Omega.


Before we look into this black beast’s timing, Motor Trend once tested a stock GTR’s quarter mile capability and got an 11.6 seconds at 193.1km/h. Of course, one can call that as fast, but it is definitely not fast enough for AMS as they are aiming for the world record with the Alpha Omega, and this is certainly the right machine to do it with.


The car’s exterior look might fool some of the onlookers as there are no excessive modifications to show that this is an absolute high speed machine. But once the driver mashes the pedal to the metal, the Alpha Omega immediately sprints to the quarter mile mark in just 7.48 seconds at 310.55km/h!


Of course, extensive work has been done under the hood and with a total output of no fewer than 2,000-horsepower, it will leave almost everything behind a cloud of dust. Oh, and if some of you are wondering, this particular GTR is able to do a burnout to warm up the rear tires thanks to a custom AWD controller that allows the driver to temporarily disengage the front wheels.