Great Scott! The Nissan R35 GTR gets rendered as the BTTF time machine


If you are a big Back To The Future fan, then the significance of yesterday’s date need no introduction to you. But to those who are not, October 21st 2015 was the date where Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown travelled to the ‘future’ and discovered a lot of futuristic stuffs that includes hovering cars.


Of course, the DeLorean DMC also gets a worldwide recognition due to the BTTF movie franchise and has become an icon throughout the years. But if Dr. Emmet were to build his time machine in the present, which car will be the best for him to travel into time with?


Apparently someone had this question in mind and immediately went to work with the answer. Since the flux capacitor can only be activated when the car accelerates to 88mph (141.6km/h) the Nissan R35 GTR should be a perfect candidate considering its rocket acceleration from zerotohundred in just 2.7 seconds.


Powered by a 3.8-liter VR38DETT twin turbocharged V6 engine, 550-horsepower and 630Nm of torque is more than enough to handle any tasks Dr. Emmet lines up. Equipped with the Mr. Fusion energy reactor and those huge afterburners, the GTR was also given some nostalgic touches like the yellow rear light.