Merdeka Drift Challenge!!


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May 3, 2006

ANGLE D5 proudly presents “MERDEKA SPEEDWAY DRIFT BATTLE 2006”, held in conjunction with the 49th Merdeka Day Celebrations, as well as to promote healthy and legal motorsporting activities to the masses!

Come one; come all to this glorious celebration, to see the nation’s finest and up-and-coming drifters compete for the coveted “Best Drifter” titles up for grabs. Fun, excitement and exhilaration abound for all, brought to you by ANGLE D5!

“MERDEKA SPEEDWAY DRIFT BATTLE 2006” competitors will stand a chance to win superb prizes from:

D’ TUNING (Garage & Dyno Tuning)
URBAN TREND (Exhaust Works)
GRANDPIRE (Body Kits & Styling)
NITRO (Airbrushing & Graphics)
D1 Motorsports (Drift & Performance Autoparts)

Interested in participating?

1. For drifters who have participated three (3) times in any of our SATURDAY NIGHT DRIFT events, you will be entitled to participate for FREE!

2. For other interested participants, three days of competitive fun for only RM70!

3. For further details, please PM or Call:
• monsterv6 (016 998 1289)
• Oan Supercus (016 273 7547)
• rudy (017 376 4307)
• adit (012 8 788 799)

Merdeka Speedway Drift Battle Tentative Programme Schedule

25th August 2006 (Friday)
1930HRS - 0000HRS : Free Run Practice for Novice Class and Expert Class

26th August 2006 (Saturday)
1845HRS - 1900HRS : Drift Showcase
1900HRS - 1930HRS : Drifter Briefing by Ser Ming Hui (Ah Fai)
1945HRS - 2045HRS : Novice Class Practice
2050HRS - 2150HRS : Expert Class Practice
2200HRS - 2350HRS : Novice Class Qualifying Run ( 3 runs )
0000HRS - 0200HRS : Expert Class Qualifying Run ( 3 runs )
0210HRS - 1245HRS : Announcement of Drifters proceeding to Best 16
(Novice and Expert Class)

30th August 2006 (Wednesday)
1845HRS - 1900HRS : Drift Showcase
1900HRS - 1930HRS : Drifters Final Briefing by Ser Ming Hui (Ah Fai)
1950HRS - 2000HRS : Novice Class One Lap Practice (Parade Show)
2000HRS - 2145HRS : Novice Class BEST 16 and Final Battle.
2150HRS - 2200HRS : Expert Class One Lap Practice (Parade Show)
2200HRS - 2345HRS : Expert Class BEST 16 and Final Battle.
0000HRS - 0030HRS : MERDEKA COUNTDOWN(31st August 2006)
0045HRS - 0115HRS : Prize Presentation Ceremony
0115HRS - 0200HRS : Drift Showcase Finale.
0200Hrs : END



1.1 Cars need not to be registered for road use, however ownership papers and documentation is required.

1.2 Only changes as specified in the technical regulations will be allowed. Any changes or modifications, which are not specified herein, will be deemed to be illegal and will merit exclusion.

1.3 The organizers have the right to exclude and deny entry to any vehicle that does not comply with or meet the above safety requirements on the grounds that the vehicle is dangerous and unfit.

1.4 Drivers must possess a valid driving license and must be 18 years old and above.


2.1 All participants must possess an approved crash helmet that must be used when at the helm of their vehicles within the track, all throughout the meet.

2.2 Seat belts must be in good working condition. Seat belts must be worn all the times during the meet.

2.3 Speeding is totally prohibited in the paddock area. Anyone found speeding in the paddock area will be excluded from the event and entry fee will not be refunded.

2.4 All participants must wear a minimum attire of long pants and t-shirts during the meet. A fireproof race suit or a Nomex Racing suit is highly recommended.

2.5 All participants must wear proper attire as lined out above in (2.4) during the meet. No slippers and sandals are allowed.

2.6 All participants and race crew must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the meet. If found to be in such states, the competitor and his team will be excluded from the competition.

2.7 All participants and crews must obey the instructions given by the officials in charge during the meet.

2.8 No passenger is allowed in the car during the run(s).


3.1 Only stock body constructed from an automobile maker is allowed.

3.2 Space frame vehicles are prohibited. No exceptions!

3.3 Each vehicle must maintain the OEM uni-body structure.

3.4 Hardtop must be installed on open roof vehicle.

3.5 The appearance must remain similar to base vehicle.

3.6 Headlights, Taillights and brake lights must be in working order.

3.7 Extra welding to parts of the bodywork and the use of strengthening plates
on original body panels and suspension points is permitted.

3.8 Towing hooks must be placed on the vehicle (front and rear), and should be visible at all times.


4.1 Racing tyres or road legal semi-slick tyres are not allowed.
4.2 Installation of a 4 point or a better roll cage is highly recommended. Roll cage will compulsory for all drift and motorsports event by 2007.

4.3 Rear seats can be removed. Front passenger seat must remain in place. Interior door trim on the drivers and passengers doors may be made out of aluminium, steel, composites, or plastics and must cover the insides of the door.

4.4 A four (4) points or more competition seat belts are highly recommended for safety of the driver purpose.

4.5 Hood pins must be installed when installing after market hood, trunk, and rear hatch.

4.6 GT wing or canard sharp edges must be rounded off if installed.

4.7 Your vehicle must be at least as presentable as if it were driven on the street, i.e. no running without doors, boot lid or bonnet to save weight.

4.8 All exterior parts, tyres and wheels must be firmly secured to prevent from falling apart upon impact. The engine and its ancillaries must not be leaking any fluid or lubricants.

4.9 Fire extinguisher is COMPULSORY. It must be securely installed on the passenger foot well panel. Any type is permitted.


5.1 The body may be painted in any colour scheme. Use of reflective or luminous decals is highly encouraged.

5.2 Vehicle must be maintained in a presentable condition.

5.3 The following items must be in place:-
(a) Original dashboard but may be gutted to reduce weight.
(b) Inner door trim/quarter trim panel. Materials allowed are plastic, fibreglass, carbon fibre, Kevlar and aluminium.
(c) External door/ side view mirrors.

5.4 The organizers reserve the subjective rights to exclude any cars that are deemed not of a presentation standard appropriate for the event.


6.1 Must be constructed and released for sale to the public by an automobile maker.

6.2 Only FR (Front engine, Rear-wheel driven), MR (Mid engine, Rear-wheel driven), RR (Rear engine, Rear-wheel driven) or FF (front engine, Front-wheel driven) vehicles may be allowed to participate.

6.3 Vehicles must be in good condition with regards to safety.

6.4 Vehicles must be of complete shape and figure of the respective model.

6.5 All cars must pass scrutineering check.


7.1 All competitors must attend a compulsory briefing before taking part in the event.

7.2 The time and venue of the briefing will be informed in the ASR for each event.


8.1 All competitors must abide by the rules and regulations set outright here at all times during the competition.

8.2 The organiser reserves the right not to entertain any unfounded complaints or dissatisfaction presented by competitor.

8.3 All decisions are final.


9.1 All drivers and spectators must park their vehicles in the designated parking area.

9.2 All drivers and spectators must remain behind safety barriers at all times. On the Road Course, no spectator may get closer than 100 feet from the roadway, excluding the Main Gate and Pit Area. Safety barriers are not always set up so use your judgment when choosing an area to watch the events.

9.3 Spectators at Long Course Turn 1 may not go past the starting line for the course. All spectators must remain on the lower straightaway at all times.


10.1 Road Speed is 50km/h (maximum) in all areas of the track, unless you are an active driver on the track.

10.2 With the exception of the centre road and parking area, all drivers must follow a counter clockwise direction on the track (unless the track layout is reversed for the day).

10.3 If your vehicle leaves the road (during a drift run), reduce speed immediately and return to the road at low speed, so you do not pick up dirt and rocks (onto the road or into your car’s paint).

10.4 All drivers and passengers must wear safety restraints while proceeding on a drift run.


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May 3, 2005
To All Participants of Merdeka Speedway Drift Battle this comin wednesday 30 August 2006.You must be present at the track before 7pm.Failure to do so will be disqualify you from entering the competition.
Thank You.


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Jul 23, 2005
Shah Alam
Usj circuit beside Caltex station, USJ exit


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Jun 24, 2005
lai la lai la ...... not until 2am ah this time


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Jan 16, 2005
aii hi guyss any 1 in zth go watch the drift event
not bad not bad thumbs up