BMW E46 M3 Optimum OptiCoat PRO+ @ the detailien HIVE


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Jan 21, 2007
BMW E46 M3 to my mind, the ultimate M3!

The stance and the bulging wheel arches barely containing the tires.... M-Perfection.

The owner of this M3 just purchased the car a few months before and wanted to protect it with the best coating from Optimum, OptiCoat PRO+.

Normally, Optimum does not recommend layering coatings as the coatings are actually NOT designed to stick on top of itself. However, Optimum specially designed the OptiCoat PRO+ to be applied within 30 minutes of OptiCoat PRO for added gloss and protection againsts watermarks.

I'll let the results speak for itself.

Black is usually the best and worst color to have as it will show all surface imperfections but if done properly and properly cared for, gives the best results.

As with all detailien details, it starts with a wash and pre-inspection.

The owners are always consulted and any areas of concern pointed out.

All issues are identified.

Including scratches.

Some watermark issues on the M3 vents.

Lovely BBS rims.

The engine bay is also scrutinized.

General dirt and dust.

Watermarks on the sunroof.

Evidence of previous polishing jobs not properly taped off.

Interior looks great in red.

After washing the body is taped up and ready to go.

A thorough inspection under proper lighting is required to assess the condition of the paint.

Swirls and some deep scratches were found all over the car.

Such scratches do require additional time and effort to remove but we at detailien pride ourselves with doing our best and as much as safely possible will remove as many paint defects as possible.

The bootlid was also in pretty bad condition. The owner had the original M3 boot replaced with a CSL bootlid with the characteristic kicked up integrated lip.

Some issues with bird droppings on the wheel arch.


The entire car is checked and corrected before decontamination and preparation for coating.

The engine bay and interior is detailed and protected with Optimum Protectant Plus.

Gloss restored to the GruppeM carbon fiber air intake.

The most important step is the paint correction to achieve the desired result before the coating is applied to protect the paint.

Some awesome gloss and reflections before coating.

Application of the OptiCoat PRO+.

The after shots.... deep, glossy and dripping wet.

It certainly was a pleasure to work on this E46 M3. Restoring a great ride to the standard which it deserves.

Thanks for looking!