Opti-Coat™Pro : BMW 118i Mineral Grey


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Another mineral grey BMW came up on the job sheet. Seems like a BMW 1 series month this round. The best part, they have 2 of the same car! Check out our progress. Read on...

Upon arrival, the car was in rather dirty and dusty state. Being merely 1 week old, its pretty normal to see cars in this state.

Dirt and sand found on the rear hatch is the common sight.

The condition of the car was pretty much flawless with just some minor damages. This was one of it. Light swirls can be seen on the right of the LED.

On another spot, u can see slightly heavier swirl damage, but on the entire car we only spotted 2 of such spots.

As the weather was getting very very hot on this day, we speed up the process but had not documented the washing, claying and light tar removal.
On the paint correction, we manage to remove all of the damages as well. Here are some close ups.

On another section.

Being able to confirm the car had zero swirls left to correct, we washed down the car and got the surface ready for the final coating application.

Finally, we applied the Opti-Coat Pro paint protection coating onto the paint, by this time the sun was setting and here are the glossy, wet looking outcome.