Opti-Coat™Pro : BMW E34 520i


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Upon arrival, we already expected the car to be in harsh unloved condition. Looking at the car, we noticed the owner had 3 big, full grown, hyper active German shepherds. That, would be the highlight of our session.

The usual walk around found us some pretty interesting paint damage. As amazing as it sound, these are aircond water stains.

Owner briefs us that the car is pretty under utilized. Parked under the shade most of the time. Hence the dusty surface.

If you say its glossy, its not. If you say its shiny, we'll say its a little dull.

We spotted some dog scratches.

More dog scratches.

Some unknown mark that had been stained to the paint.

Swirl damage.

More swirl damage.

Some severe watermark spots.

Swirls on the roof.

As we washed the car, we felt that the surface was really rough. We're usually right.

We clayed the entire car. The photo shown is merely from 1 door.

Dog scratch before.

Dog scratch after.

After paint correction

After paint correction

Final finishing on the paint.

For wheels of this age, we wouldn't expect much from it.

Closer reveals some brake dust stains.

The colour difference.

Wheels after cleaning.

Some marks were too severely stained.

After countless hours of detailing and paint correction. Here's the results.