Opti-Coat™Pro : BMW 330e


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We are in Penang for this one of a kind, first of its kind BMW 330e, its one torque monster with that electric motor! This owner had previously detailed and coated his Audi A4 many years back, because of the quality we produce, he opted for us without hesitation when he got his new ride.

Upon arrival, the typical dusty exterior is spotted.

Because of long distance travel for about 500KM with some rain, watermarks formed on the hood together with dirt.

On the exterior, the car looks rather glossy, but not many can tell that there is underlying damaging hidden from the untrained eye.

We popped the fuel cap and it is found to be as dirty as a 1 year old car.

Because most dealerships want to save cost on Post Delivery Procedure, they usually opt for cheap and fast detailers. In results, you get free hologram damages.

More holograms on the side door.

Some hologram on the side fenders.

On the door.

and finally, more holograms on the door. Looks like we would be doing a full polish for this sweet ride.

We did our standard detailed wash to remove all contamination and moved on to the paint correction.

Holograms removed.

On the front bonnet, hologram cleared.

Other sections of the front bonnet.

And a final sun shot to double check on the paint condition.

Opti-Coat Pro applied after all the surface preparation. Check out the finishing, extremely glossy and wet looking.

PS: Refer to below link for this owner's previous car's article.