Opti-Coat™Pro : BMW F30 Diesel


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Upon arrival, we laid our eyes onto this brand new BMW F30 Diesel that drove all the way from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur for us to work on his car. As usual, we would never expect the car to be in good shape since most BMWs go through a rather horrible PDI. Let's get started.

From a distance, the car looked rather glossy. But then again looks can always be deceiving.

It was raining quite abit for the past few days before the car came to us.

On the paint, there are traces of dried up rain water as well.

The usual road grime and splatter from the rain.

For a brand new car with less than 500KM clocked, the fuel area was rather dirty.

Moving on to the paint inspection. Shocked to see that its heavy on swirls for a new car.

Besides swirls, as we expected, the car had been polish, hence the hologram marks.

More hologram marks with surrounding swirls.

Even more holograms spotted on the front hood.

Some deeper swirl damage on the hood.

and even more random hologram marks around the car.

Coming to the surface preparations. Of course we didn't miss the fuel area.

After cleaning the car, we moved on the the paint correction. Here is a before.

After paint restoration.

Other areas after paint correction.

Paint has been restored to its original state.

You might also notice changes in the colour and gloss enhancement after the paint correction stage.

After traveling more than 300KM to reach Kuala Lumpur, the wheels would definitely be looking dirty and covered in brake dust.

Lug nut areas were covered in brake dust as well.

That is how the original colour looks like.

After much detailing on the wheels. We applied Opti-Coat™Pro.

Clean and Protected.

Finally, not forgetting the lug nut areas as well.

After a gruesome 7hr with the car, we finally coated it. Check out the amazing finish on black!