second hand car cracked head



Jul 15, 2018
short story of my problem.

I bought a used hyundai starex about 3 months ago.

received the car on Tuesday and on saturday went for long trip and found the temperature rising. sent the car back to dealer and they sent to workshop. they changed the head gasket which took almost 3 months ( I just received the car back today.)

today refueled the car and see thick white smoke coming out. checked the radiator water while running and can see bubbles now. so workshop said need to return back to change the head which will take another 3 months.

im already fed up with this as i still need to pay for monthly installments. if the head changed ( which i think they will take used one from halfcut ) and still doesnt fix the problem will add another 3 months. total 9 months which is completely unnaceptable.

Now I dont know what to do, thought of suing them just to get my money back but dont know the chances of winning, how long this will take and also the cost of this.

Anyone can advise on this.

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sorry mister moderator.

i know this is not market place thread. but my post in that thread no reply.

need to know current pricing for evo3 & Evo4 halfcut.

thank u.
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