Project "Kermit"

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A couple of quick updates, after raya touch up's...

So, 'Kermit' has been sent in again to get some touch ups done. Some little details that needed to be addressed. Anyway, these arrived in the mail...

The blacked out side signals in LED. These have the 'black jack' theme on them. I might replicate this theme on the roof of the car.

Also, the rear fog light came. Pre-Facelift R53's had their reverse lights here. Changing this to the fog light completes the the whole facelift look.

Recently, these came too but I have yet to fit them.

These are the front daytime running lights as well as the signal lights.

They're suppose to give the whole 'angel eye' effect. When fitted, they look like this...

All that's left is to get rid of the current chicken mesh lower grill on the bumper and replace it with a proper JCW one. I've ordered one already so it should be arriving any day now...



The front daytime running lights have been fitted and they are looking pretty good. They aren't bright during the day though. Took the liberty of changing the signal light bulbs from the very orange bulbs to these chrome ones as well. They still light up orange.

The passenger side headlight has been touched up and the 'Joey' mod is looking excellent!

The LED tail lights are quite a sight. They really give the car a very 'refreshed' look. Also, I noticed that the 'S' on the 'Cooper S' badge wasn't stuck on properly so I corrected it.

The original JCW lower grill arrived too. Looks a lot better with it instead of the cheap looking 'chicken mesh' grill.

Now it's time to add a couple of decals! Shall I put the signature mini cooper stripes on the bonnet? Thinking of putting the outline of the black jack on the roof to match the signal lamps I have. What do you think?
Fantabulous...!!! It just made it Sexier than before.
Dun put signature stripes... i think it would destroy the cleanliness of the car (sth look like extra)
Black Jack is match wit mirror...
keep it simple
Juz my 2cent.

Hope to see this car in "real" eyes!!!
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Auwen is right, that's the R56 Mini Cooper S with the JCW kit on it.

Mine's a R53 with the JCW kit. :help:
spicing things up with some interracial action. Definitely a classic pic this one.

Probably the only foursome ever recorded of barely legal MINI RS X GT3 RS X MINIGHINI X LP SPYDER. Stay tuned for a full feature. Credits to Zaibi Motor in Bangsar and Sherman Time Studios

Click for wallpaper size
Strange collection of cars. What's the theme besides the similar colour schemes?
eugene: aiya.. the theme is - F U N ! :)

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Kermit and other kerropi friends



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