automatic transaxle fluid

Oct 23, 2007
Ok, I have a '04 Toyota Corolla. It's a pretty decent car maintenance wise, but it limits the "do it yourself" care. On most automobiles transmission dip stick's will have the "how to's" on it (ie: car must be in neutral for proper reading). There are no writing on the dip stick and the owner's manual doesn't say.
Does anyone know A.) should the car be in park or nautral for proper reading and B.) how much fluid should the car take?

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I'm thinking to change my waja to a more refine engine, easy
plug and play, hassle free JPJ, easy to find spare parts, below
engine which I know, anyother others? (prefer N/A and auto)

1. FTO V6 2.0 auto
2. Mivec 1.6 auto?
3. Mivec 1.8 auto?

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