Calling for all sifu ae series


3,000 RPM
Senior Member
Sep 20, 2005
Lembah Klang
a kind of hard to find dis kit...but if u servey...still can be found...last year my fren bought it from jln ipoh sparepart...order 1st...oso can search for mr2 kit...BTW im not sifu,....hehe

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Thanks to ZerotoHundred, I had the opportunity to participate in VW's media launch of three new models. You've probably seen the teasers in the newspapers already; the new models are the 1.8TSI Passat (RM184,888), 1.4TSI Cross Touran (RM166,888), and the 1.4TSI Jetta (RM149,888).

Whilst all three carry the TSI badge, only the Cross Touran and Jetta are twin-charged models. The Passat comes as a 1.8 turbo...
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