The first street-legal Koenigsegg for the US will be the 1,160HP Agera RS!

We may have seen Koenigsegg establishing its presence in Malaysia last year, but things are a little bit different in the United States. While there are a number of Koenigseggs present in the US, none of them are actually in full compliance with local regulations which means they are there under the ‘Show or Display’ …

Koenigsegg One:1 shines in the spotlight again with a 0-300-0 kmh record run!

After obliterating the production car lap record over at Suzuka circuit with an unofficial run of 2:17.57, Koenigsegg continues to bring their One:1 into the spotlight with another mind-boggling speed run. Most of Koenigsegg’s machines are well-known for its blistering acceleration and the superb braking power, so now it is time to put the One:1 …

Koenigsegg to reveal the new ‘Regera’ Megacar at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

First we have supercars, and then the term hypercars came into life. But not long after, Koenigsegg coined the term ‘megacar’ which represents the output of their 1,341bhp for their One:1. But it seems that the One:1 will not be the only megacar available in the market as Koenigsegg is set to reveal another megacar …

Koenigsegg aims to obliterate the Nurburgring lap record for production cars?

There is no doubt that Koenigsegg is one awesome hypercar maker. Pushing the boundaries of a V8 power plant, their crown jewel, the 1341–horsepower One:1 is just a masterpiece and a monster at the same time waiting to be unleashed. And now, they are looking forward in putting all those horsepower for good use as …

Koenigsegg now available in Malaysia and Indonesia through NAZA Swedish Motors!

Adding another ultra-high end name under their belt, the NAZA Group of Companies is proud to welcome the Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg to enter Malaysia with the launch of NAZA Swedish Motors Sdn Bhd. Running as a subsidiary company, NAZA Swedish Motors will act as the official distributor of Koenigsegg cars not only for Malaysia …

Koenigsegg Set to Reveal the One:1 Supercar at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show!

Ever since Koenigsegg expressed their intention in making a new supercar that could probably be the world’s fastest production car, we were more than excited to see what the Swedish company could produce. And it seems that we would not have to wait long as Koenigsegg is set to reveal their brilliant creation at the …

Koenigsegg Malaysia will be opening soon – New signature showroom to be ready in Petaling Jaya by Q2 2014

The swedish Hypercar maker; Koenigsegg will be making an appearance in the Malaysian market soon and although the signing ceremony was done in September last year – info has been kept in the shadows as of when exactly we can expect the Hypercar to make its first official appearance here in Malaysia.