Questions on superstrut and normal AE101, and other upgrades


From Facebook


From Facebook
Apr 12, 2011
Hello everyone,
the newbie is back again. Just have a few questions in mind
1- what are the difference between superstrut and normal AE 101? How to know the difference and how about the parts for suspensions?

I transplanted 4-AGE into my AE101 about a year ago and has not done any structural modifications as in putting in strutbars or whatsoever. Any suggestion in improving structural integrity of the car? The car was involved in frontal collision a few years back.

The exhaust also emits white smoke and sometimes carbon particles but engine oil level did not drop significantly. I never changed the ori exhaust. Is the old exhaust full of carbon already? or the engine needs overhaul?

I really am new in this, and do not really want to go to workshops asking about this since the mechanics are very busy with thir work hahahaha.. hope you all can answer my questions. Thank you.