Proton P3-21A Soft Launched, Bookings are Open


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Jul 26, 2010
Johor Bahru

When the Proton Tuah concept first showed up in public at the KLIMS 2010, it grabbed the attention of the visitors instantly and since then, a lot had been eyeing for the emergence of a new Proton onto the streets of Malaysia. That wait will finally be over anytime soon with the future release of Proton’s new model codenamed the P3-21A.

While its final name had not yet been revealed (some speculated it will be called the “Espire”), it was recently “soft launched” at the Proton’s Power of 1 showcase taking place at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. And the first thing that one would not fail to notice is that this new sedan is covered with camouflage tape that car manufacturers use to hide the finer details of the car’s exterior. Keeping the best for the last I guess?

In the mean time, Proton had released some other the details of the car, like in a video aired at the national television recently. It is said that the P3-21A will have a more spacious interior than any of the Proton models in its class and is built with a Reinforced Safety Structure (RESS). The P3-21A will also be powered by a 1.6l Charged Fuel Efficiency (CFE) engine, making out 205nM of torque, and said to be more powerful than a 2.0l engine.

Proton P3-21A - LED Running Lights, Front & Back Lights, Front Grille - YouTube

Besides of being equipped with ABS, EBD and ESC, the new P3-21A will also have some new interesting features such as a push-start button, LED running lights and also a 7-speed Protronic Paddle-Shift.

Bookings are already open for this model for RM500 at all Proton showrooms nationwide, and the price is estimated to be around RM62,000 for the base model and somewhere around RM75,000 for the top-of-the-line. If you wish to catch this new model firsthand and also some other Proton and Lotus cars, drop off to the Proton’s Power of 1 showcase which will be running at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium until this Sunday, 18th March 2012. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm and admission is free.

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Proton Power of 1 event,open bookings for Proton P3-21A | Fastmotoring

GALLERY: Proton P3-21A on handling display at Power of 1

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