RCA Open Track Day 26th Feb 2012


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Jul 26, 2010
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I have always loved the concept of track days, where one brings any ride that he has and have a great time around the track in it. No serious competition, no pressure intended. It’s just man and machine, seeking a closer bonding through driving.

And for this love for driving in mind, the Race Craft Academy Open Track Day 2012 was a big hit with not only among Malaysians, but also for Singaporeans as well.

Like I mentioned earlier in the MegaLAP post, the pits were off-limits as MotoGP was utilizing them. Well, not all of them to be precise. There were a few empty ones left, and the SIC guys opened it for use of the petrolheads.

And the one that immediately caught my attention was what Spark Motorsports had brought in for the track day. There, we have the blistering-fast S15 Silvia that they used in securing two podium finishes in the MegaLAP Time Attack, but somehow I am far more attracted to the aggressively-looking, widebody-equipped Evo 7.

Having only seen such specimen in websites and magazines, seeing this first hand makes me feel like I’m in Tsukuba and somewhere around in the pits, lurks the notorious CyberEvo or the Pan Speed RX7, waiting patiently for their turn to smash the speed records. Me and my imagination. :biggrin:

Anyways, being a track day naturally, it couldn’t be complete if the faces of the usual JDM monsters are absent like some Mitsubishi Evolutions….

…Nissan Skyline GT-Rs…

…and some Subaru Imprezas.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that others from Japan won’t be there to join in the fun as well. Here’s a Miata on the way to the tracks…

…and a couple or RX8s cooling down after a run. Which do you fancy, a lightly tuned or a hardcore racer?

Some Europeans had also found their way to Sepang, wanting to stretch their legs a bit than a normal urban run. Present that day was this twin Audi RS4s…

…a BMW 1M…

…a Porsche Cayman…

…and this Sepang regular, the baby blue Aston Martin Vantage.

But then, I saw something pretty interesting sitting passively on the parking lot. There sat a row of Hondas which I think is going to be the future of motoring, hybrids. Unlike the Prius, these CR-Zs look pretty cool and well-styled. I’m not sure whether any of them took the tracks because honestly, the tracks were packed, literally.

I don’t know if it’s normal for a track day to be like this, but to me, it was quite difficult for a driver to floor it as besides from having their hands full in controlling the car, they would also have to maneuver through the heavy traffic.

And with such volume, there were quite a number of accidents or mishaps, resulting in the yellow flag (and some red flags) being thrown in.

But I’m pretty sure that is just a small matter. With track days like this, the drivers can have a whole new level of fun as it is on these grounds that they could discover what their cars can really do, and what skills they really have.

Here are some more pictures from the track day, hope you guys enjoy!

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