Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-5 alien coated @ the detailien HIVE with Optimum OptiCoat PRO


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Jan 21, 2007
Yet another brand new Honda HR-V into the detailien HIVE for some alien coating with Optimum OptiCoat PRO.

Every detail starts with a full decontamination by washing and claying.

This is followed by a full paint inspection under proper lighting to identify any paint defects.

This is especially important for white cars as it is difficult to see paint defects such as scratches and swirls on white.

With proper lighting you can see some scratches on the front hood.

More scratches on the side. All this will have to be corrected and removed before the coating is applied.

Here, a test area is identified to determine the best products and methods to achieve the required level of paint correction.

After the process. Most, if not all the paint defects are removed.

Another example of scratches on the side.

After correction.

Once the paint correction has been done, the surface is cleaned and prepped for coating.

Here we have a brand new Mazda CX-5 also in for alien Coating with Optimum OptiCoat PRO.

The engine and interior is also detailed during our process and protected with Optimum Protectant Plus.

The OptiCoat PRO not only protects the paint but gives it a deep gloss and shine.

For added gloss and protection, OptiCoat PRO+ can be added on as well.

All done.

Surface preparation is the key to achieving the results that you want and at detailien we put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that this is always done properly. The function of the coating is to protect the surface once it has been corrected.

Thanks for looking.

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