Satria GTI or Normal Satria

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Apr 27, 2024
Hello everyone! I'm totally new here to these forums and discussions so I would like some valuable opinion from all the sifus' and otais'. I'm looking into buying my first car which is the Satria GTI and I'm a little bit torn between the GTI and the normal 1.6L model. I've read previous discussions all over the forums and I can't seem to find a strong answer. I would like to know if the chassis of the GTI is actually better than the 1.6L or if they're about the same. If the GTI has a stronger chassis, I would like to know what actually about the chassis is better than the 1.6L? I am very very particular about chassis rigidity and good handling. Power isn't really of my concern since my plan is to eventually turn it into a 4G93 Mivec or a GSR and my main goal with the car is to just touge during the weekends but mostly my focus is on touge and maybe a few track days.

I would really appreciate all the responses!

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guys.. need help here. im driving a satria neo. n i did my exhaust at JFA, sunway.. 4-1 header, one mid box, 2 inches piping ( i think, or maybe 2.2 around there la) n HKS hyper muffler( straight).. the power is nice, the sound also nice.. its just that, its really noisy..

so just yesterday, i decided to change my muffler to a quiter one. a S flow. so i bought this tanabe hyper medallion from a friend of mine.. so i went to a normal exhaust shop, n change the muffler..

the prob is, i...
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