Fatty A33 Strange Transmission Problem


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May 2, 2006
I was driving and the transmission went 'neutral' while driving. this was about after an hour of driving. it would not go into gear even though i was in drive. i had to pull over - shut the car down and let it sit while i figured out what happend. i waited about 2 - 3 minutes, started it up and it did the same thing. it would go in first but rev really high - and not shift. if i am already driving - say slowing down from highway driving, it will go neutral.

it only happens off and on - sometimes after an hour of driving, sometimes right away but usually after 40 minutes to an hour of driving. ive taken the car to a few different places and no one can figure it out and say they cannot duplicate the problem.

Finally found out it's the Speed sensor on the gearbox having issue. Located on the top right hand of the gearbox
New one RM680 / Chop shop RM90

Hope it helps to other member having this problem


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