any trackday?

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Dec 1, 2005
Guys did you know any trackday from Dis until Jan?
you can check their website bro...this 20.12.2010 got some competition on pasir gudang...rm200 if you wanna join in the some winning price also..or u can just watch...rm5 gate entry...just like me...hehehe
what race bro? is it open for public people to enter? what for the winning price?
what race?...hmmm...dunno...i just heard it from a friend..coz he will be entering during that day...heard it is organize by era maju....winning price rm 5k i'f i'm not mistaken...and's open to all...if u wanna go on normal trackday..on 27th Dec 2009 got...2pm-5pm..rm 120...
wow that a lot for the winning price. what car ur friend enter? for sure i'll drop by and watch only.. hehehe bro...but cannot tell u what model...he also doesnt want people to kecoh2...

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