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Default MegaLAP Time Attack Series 2012 Round 1

“My perfect Sunday will be…” and you’ll get 1001 different answers from different people. While some are looking forward in having a calm and relaxing Sunday, the guys at Sepang on the other hand, had a totally different idea in mind.

On the sunny Sunday morning of February the 26th, instead of still crawling and yawning in bed, I somehow made my way to Sepang International Circuit (with the help of fellow ZTH member, Temujin. Thanks Bro!) for the MegaLAP Time Attack Series 2012 Round 1. Never been to such an event before, I was actually quite hyped to be there!

But I wasn’t actually aware that at the same venue, another event was taking place, the RCA Track Day. So upon arriving at SIC, there were cars everywhere!

I’m not sure whether it’s the number of cars that were overwhelming, or just because the most pits couldn’t be used as the guys from MotoGP was using them, so the drivers would have to use the available parking space outside the pits as their temporary pits. Bugger MotoGP

Anyways, we’ll stop to the track day later on. But for now, let’s move on with the MegaLAP Round 1. According to the provisional entry list, there were 75 participants taking part, which was quite a lot! Of course, not all of them will take the tracks at the same time. They will be released to the tracks according to their respective categories, which are PRO Spec (RWD, 4WD, FF FI, FF NA), Clubsprint Spec (NA, VTEC & FI) or OPEN Spec (2WD, 4WD).

Being a first timer on a time attack event, I never knew that there would be that much category in one event. Well, here’s an image to myself (and to those who are in the same boat as me) to ponder in showing why it is necessary to have so.

Here we have two race machines; both have four wheels and both finished in fabulous red. But while they share the same general characteristics, lining them up side-by-side to see who could clock a faster time around Sepang is just absurd. For one, the Evo is a road-legal, 4-door sedan and the Westfield is a purpose-built, track-only, lightened race car! The power-to-weight ratio difference between them must’ve been immense!

Anyways, most of the guys that made it to the Time Attack are not only joining in just for fun. Some show serious dedication and determination in the pursuit of speed. Coming down with a team to prep fancy aerodynamics,fine tuning and carbon fiber body parts are not just for show, they work! Really!

It wasn’t long until noon approaches, the first wave of speed machines lined up beside the pits, ready to show what they’ve got. As soon as the green light was given, thousands of horsepower were unleashed on Sepang’s dry tarmac, with everybody having the same target in mind; to be the fastest.

Showing that old is gold, this Fairlady 280 ZX Turbo proves to the younger generation that it still has the edge. Under the hands of Kevin Kong, this classic clocked a fastest time of 2:40:509.

Who said that hybrids are slow? This CR-Z piloted by Eric Yong reached second place in the Clubsprint Spec – NA with a time of 2:59.039.

Being the official sponsor for MegaLAP, there were quite a number of Renaults running in the event, particularly the Megane RS250. Although it didn’t reach the podium, this Eric Liew handled this machine to a respectable time of 2:44.142.

While most KE70 owners take their rides to drift tracks, KM Chew prefers circuit driving instead as he said it is more “economical”. With a 2:46.608 on the clock, he stays behind the big players of the PRO Spec – RWD, but manages to defeat others in S15s and an RX8 to get a 7th!

It wasn’t that long into the noon that the skies began to show how a typical Malaysian weather is. During events, I don’t like too hot, and I don’t like it raining either. Having so, I got both that day. Haha.

But let it rain or shine, was it an excuse for the guys to stay dry in the pits? No way. Even as the rain was pouring, they lined up to get back in the track like it was nothing.

Naturally being all wheel drive, cars like the Subaru Impreza…

…and the Mitsubishi Evo wouldn't have much of a problem negotiating in the wets.

But that doesn’t mean the FF and RWD brothers will go like Captain Slow on the tracks. On the main straights, they were blasting through!

But it seems that the one that will feel the rain literally is none other than Westfield AeroRace Club Racer’s driver, Faisal Asri. Despite of not having the luxury of a windshield and a roof to keep him dry, he nailed the third place in the OPEN Spec – 2WD leader board, a great job!

Beating him with a gap of almost 4 seconds is the screamer N1 FD2R driven by Desmond Yee. I’m telling you, when this babe passes the main straight, one wouldn’t have to look to identify who’s passing by. I could say that this was the loudest Civic, if not car, in Sepang that Sunday.

Unfortunately, even for a Sepang regular, the DragStar Evo 9 had to settle with a 3:05.890 due to some unresolved technical problems.

While most Porsche owners keep theirs as garage queens, this GT2 is lucky to have Ee Shedden as its master as they take the term “Sunday Drive” up to a different level. Although RWD is not that friendly with the rain, this matte yellow monster clocked a 2:35.144 to claim a second place in the PRO Spec RWD…

…coming behind Akina Teo’s race-prepped Spark Motorsports Silvia S15. With a 2:32.502, this S15 clinched 1st place in both OPEN Spec – 2WD and PRO Spec – RWD.

Even with that blistering time, the top spot isn’t his to claim. With almost a 6-second difference, the fastest in Sepang that day went to Malaysia’s Raymond Liew Tung Fei, clocking a 2:26.822 in the GT Auto R35 GT-R.

As the hours passed by, the roaring of angry engines and loud exhausts soon dies down, putting Sepang back into its serene state. One by one, the cars that were once on the tracks retreated to the pits, making way for the prize giving ceremony. Apparently, the P.A system doesn’t work that well, so Adian decided to ditch it and use his built-in system instead. Pretty interesting if you ask me, somehow creates that informal and relaxing atmosphere after a hot and humid day.

Here’s the fastest man of the day with Hsiao Tung Wei in second and Ahmad Zuhaili taking third in the PRO Spec 4WD.

Setting a 2:57.537 with his BMW E30, the MC himself earned the top spot in the podiums for the Clubsprint – NA.

By the end of the day, everyone made their way to their cars for the ride back home. The guys from and Race Craft Academy did a really good job and effort in making this event a success, and I don’t see why Round 2 won’t be just as great this coming April 21st, congratulations to all of you! And again, a gazillion thanks to Temujin for the ride in his shiny Red Tomato, keep on bringing the awesomeness! His coverage of the same event could be found at Speeding in the Rain: MegaLAP Time Attack Round 1 @ Sepang International Circuit | Awesome Powered.

Not enough pictures? Don't worry, I got more...

Thanks for dropping by!
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