Coverage: VW GTIs conquers Dato Sagor Circuit, Kampung Gajah

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Helmet Clan


Helmet Clan
Jul 6, 2000
Kuala Lumpur

It was a weekend escape for some VW Boys last weekend at the Dato Sagor circuit located in Kampung Gajah, Perak. An effort by Corsa Events, the VW Weekend Escape track day was run on what seems to be an overgrown go-kart track, yet massively fun for all hot hatches. There was an entourage of a handful of VAG cars, namely made up of Golf GTIs and a TSI, a Polo and a Polo GTI, an EOS, a Passat, an A4 and a Q5 who made their way to Kampung Gajah on pre-event Saturday for a relaxing evening made out of drinks and barbeque. They then put up a night in seaside wooden chalets just 10minutes away from the circuit. What an Escape.

Sunday Morning, All ready for a good few laps on the circuit

Mostly made up of Rabbit GTIs..

With VW siblings including the Polo and Eos..

Plus some homegrown wildcards.

Shedden and CB were there to provide valuable insights about the circuit as well as preserving tyres throughout the day with regards to the rubber-chewing tarmac.

MKVI GTIs can look good with subtle touches

All VAG cars were welcomed

Stocked up and Stocker

XDS and EDC equipped new GTIs proved their worth on a tight circuits like Dato Sagor

The Green Gatecrasher

Circuit Briefing

Petite Polo GTI easily smokes the competition

Bigger brother Passat plays along

Exiting the "Pitlane"

EOS could've been more fun when topless

Bully of the day, Exotic Mods' VI GTI equipped with Semi Slicks, Forged Brakes and Revozport SII body pretty much dominated that Sunday...

Also feature Claws developed full-race coilovers made by the guy in yellow on the right..

..but had to retire early due to the above.

Meanwhile other GTIs continued to pound

Felix not a pussy when edging the limits

Mostly hardcore VW cult enthusiasts that weekend

Golf VI GTI SE with Dotz wheels and ABT brakes beneath.

A homemade oil catch tank with its own dipstick!

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