RM118 - 16 Steps Car Spa inclusive WINDSCREEN COATING offer by Maximus Auto Car Care

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RM118 - 16 Steps Car Spa inclusive WINDSCREEN COATING offer by Maximus Auto Car Care

Maximus Auto Car Care

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Maximus Auto Car Care

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Dec 13, 2012
Are you ready to pamper your beloved car with sparkling clean and shine? 16 steps detailing services inclusive WINDSCREEN COATING. RM 118 for weekdays while RM 128 for weekends & PH. The promotion valid from April 1 to May 31, 2013. Don’t wait anymore! Grab this incredible deal and come to visit us at The Strand, Kota Damansara.

RM118/RM128 – 16 Steps Auto Detailing Services
Car Wash & Vacuum + Claying + Tar Removal + Nano Mist Treatment + Headlamp Polish + Water Polish + Polish + Waxing + Wax Coat + Sport Rim Treatment + Windscreen Coating + Windscreen Water Mark Removal + Window Cleaning + Tyre Shine + Door Panel Shine + Engine Bay Shine

Brief Description of Promotional Services
Windscreen Coating
Keeps windscreen protected with coating that up to 8 months. It greatly improve vision when driving in the rain.

Remove contaminants/dirt from the surface of your car paint that cannot be removed through washing.

Tar removal
Remove bug, grime and road tar from the painted surfaces. It is essential to keep your paint in good condition.

Water Polish
Use water as a lubricating interface. Fully paintwork safe, remove dead wax, dirt and pollutants embedded in the car’s paintwork, bringing back the car’s smooth, glossy finish.

Refine uppermost layer paint to remove finer swirl marks, scratches, water spots and acid etching caused by bird droppings and bug remains. Enhance surface gloss in preparation for the addition of protection.

It is used after polishing to enhance the shine, wetness and slickness of exterior surfaces. Keep your car cleaner and longer.

Headlamp Polish
Remove yellowish spot on headlamp. Make your headlamps shine brighter and visibility will increase during the night.

Tyre Shine
Provide a deep, wet looking shine to tyre walls.

Sport Rim treatment
Remove stubborn brake dust from steel and alloy wheels. Keep vehicles wheels and rims looking new and clean.

Nano Mist Treatment
It is used to kill bacteria and germs up to 99.9%. Neutralize bad odor inside the car.

Window Cleaning
Remove dirt and grime on inside and outside of window glass.

Water Mark Removal for Windscreen
Start off with a light polish and remove water mark stains/spot on windscreen.

Wax Coat
Provide an additional protection after the waxing process. Gives an extra deep gloss and has long term protection.

Door Panel Shine
Remove dirt and grime that is clinging at door panels. Use cleaner on any fabric that lines the door panel or clean any leather on the door with a product made strictly for leather.

Engine Bay Shine
Spray the engine and engine compartment with Engine Cleaner to remove oil and grease residues without damage the paintwork.

Operation Hour
Monday - Sunday, 9.15am - 10.15pm

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**Our shop is located across the road of Giant, Kota Damansara.**

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