Car LED Headlight Headlamp H4 H7 H8 H11 9006 9005

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Car LED Headlight Headlamp H4 H7 H8 H11 9006 9005


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Sep 16, 2016
Kuala Lumpur
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### Newest & Latest Products ###
# [USA Bridgelux S2 COB LED Headlight Conversion Kits] #
[ 8000LM 72w / Set @ Pairs]

Plug Type (set@pair):
#H4,Hi-Lo Beam ( 72W@high beam, 72W@ low beam)
#9006(HB4),single Beam (72W/lot,36W/bulb)
#9005(HB3),single Beam (72W/lot,36W/bulb)
#H11,single Beam (72W/lot,36W/bulb
#H8,single Beam (72W/lot,36W/bulb)
#H7,single Beam (72W/lot,36W/bulb)

Power: 72W/set(36W/bulb)
#LED Quantity(each bulb) : 2pcs @ 3pcs(H4)* Bridgelux S2 COB chips
Luminous Flux : 8000lm/set(4000lm/bulb)
Operating Voltage : DC 9-32V(fit 12V,24V vehicles)
Color Temperature : Pure White 6500K
Material : Aviation 6063 aluminum profile
Waterproof and Dust Seal Rate : IP68, IP67
Operating Temperature : -40-80 degree Celsius
Beam Angle: H4>270 degree@low beam,360 degree@high beam
: Single beam > 360 degree
Lifespan : Over 50,000hrs lifetime
Usage : headlight,fog light

#Bridgelux COB S2 LED headlight conversion kit
---Super bright Bridgelux COB chip(USA),360 degree clear beam no blind zone
---Engineering beam pattern design throw light on road evenly at appropriate angle without foggy light
---Xenon white light reflect road paint/signs better to show clearer road situation
---All-in-one heat conduction+high speed mute fan system keep the light bulb in appropriate working temperature
---Built-in constant current CPU,instant full brightness without start-up relay

#Two-way heat dissipation chiannel
1) All-in-one aluminum profile as heat conduction system,360 degree heat radiating
2) High speed mute fan(12000R/Min),high Air flow for faster cooling rate

1) Easy install , 100% plug & play
2) Not effect car warranty
3) No need modified & cut wiring
4) 6 month products warranty
5) Products apply for all type car ( exclude decoding/canbus )

新款 Bridgelux S2 COB LED 大灯雾灯
LED Headlight /Foglight Bulb
---安装简单,无需接线 100% Plug n play
---冷光源,不热不烧 Low temp
---电路安全稳定 Circuit security and stability
---瞬间启动,亮灯不延时 No delay n warm up time
---高散热结构设计 High heat dissipation structure design
---节能省电 Energy Saving,Long life time
---批发价格 Wholesaler price
---邮寄全马各区 Postage Malaysia all area
---更多详情请联系我 Kindly contact for more detail
----+60162279186 Netz Chan


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