Koenigsegg may be a new player to emerge in the hypercar scene (“new” as in not as old as Bugatti or any others), but that does not mean they do not have the capabilities in producing any interesting models. Packing their creations with raw power and lightness, almost all Koenigsegg models are sought after worldwide due to its uniqueness and mind-bending performance. And now thanks to Drive, we are given a special privilege to witness the behind-the-scenes footage in creating this Swedish masterpiece.

The Inside Koenigsegg is a nine-part series that kicks off this January 8, and will cover their best creation in great detail. Holding the current title of the World’s Fastest Two-Seater Production Vehicle from 0-300-0 km/h, the Agera R only needs a mere 21.19 seconds to accomplish such feat.

For the first installment of this series, we are taken into the Swedish factory for a rundown on how the company utilizes the material adored by almost every performance car manufacturer in the world; carbon fiber. And as if the tour into the facility is not impressive enough, the founder, Christian von Koenigsegg himself will be explaining the techniques in producing parts from this lightweight and superbly costly material.

With carbon fiber being used not only for the bodywork but also for the engine parts as well, it is no surprise that Koenigsegg’s cars are “the most carbon fiber-intensive cars in production”, where each unit utilizes more than 400 pieces of carbon fiber parts.


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