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Reviewed: Renault Clio GT Line – 5 reasons why it’s not a part time hot hatch.

Renault Clio GT Line The Hot: The perfect city car that is efficient and a joy to operate. Best looking Clio generation yet, dripping with French flair that is uncommon and bodacious. Equipped with convenience features to match today’s needs and wants. Superb EDC 6 speed Dual Clutch transmission is lifted from the Clio RS. …

HKS GT1000+ GTR on-Board with Nob Taniguchi at Sepang – TIMETOATTACK!

Dubbed “The World’s Fastest GTR”, the HKS GT1000+ GTR, together with Nobuteru Taniguchi recently made an explosive entry onto TIMETOATTACK stage with a never before seen, blazing laptime of 2:07.193. HKS’s pièce de résistance R35 GTR has every available HKS part thrown into it. As the name suggest, the GT1000+ produces in excess of 1200hp …

A close shave as Thierry Neuville almost collided with a tractor during testing!

The view of hard core rally fans getting perilously close to these dirt-kicking machines is a norm at almost every rally stage and it surely is not going away anytime soon. However coming across a moving obstacle while tackling a course is a rare occurrence and Thierry Neuville got into a very close shave recently.

Ferrari 458 Challenge disintegrates upon crashing into fence at Road America!

Upon entering any circuit or motorsport events, we were repeatedly reminded of the phrase “motorsports is dangerous”. Of course speed will get the adrenaline pumping and it is easy to forget that even a minute mistake at high speeds can lead to some serious consequences. But that does not mean only the drivers need to …

Koenigsegg One:1 shines in the spotlight again with a 0-300-0 kmh record run!

After obliterating the production car lap record over at Suzuka circuit with an unofficial run of 2:17.57, Koenigsegg continues to bring their One:1 into the spotlight with another mind-boggling speed run. Most of Koenigsegg’s machines are well-known for its blistering acceleration and the superb braking power, so now it is time to put the One:1 …