Rally crash in Spain claims six lives, sixteen injured


Every time when we step into a motorsport event, we are constantly reminded of one thing; motorsports is dangerous. Sure, once in a while we will see some near misses here and there but unfortunately the recent tragedy occurred last week was not one of them.

This tragedy took place at Spain during the local La Coruna rally where a rally car veered off course and hit several spectators and claimed six lives. The numbers of the injured are a bit sketchy, but reports are pouring in that there are as much as sixteen people who are injured in this freak accident. Among those killed was a pregnant woman. The driver and co-pilot were not injured, according to the police.

Investigations were already in progress and according to preliminary reports, the crash was linked to driver error as the car was deemed going too fast to take the corner it was approaching.

“One of the drivers took the track at a much higher speed than he should have and he veered off a curve, slamming into around 20 people”, said a civil guard to The Guardian.

While we do have the video of the crash, we would like to warn you that some might find the scenes in the video to be disturbing.