Jon Olsson tackles a snowy mountain in an RWD Lamborghini Murcielago!


Jon Olsson is no longer a name that needs further introduction in the auto world as this professional freeskier has a lot of impressive cars hidden in his garage. And what is exciting is that he actually drives his cars a lot, including amazing builds like the LMP-like Rebellion R2K and the RS6 DTM, and the car that is currently stealing the internet’s spotlight is his special Lamborghini Murcielago.


Aside from the interesting snow camouflage wrapping the car, the venue is an interesting one as well. A snowy mountain is the last place that a Murcielago owner would take his precious machine for a ride, but that was exactly the place and the condition that Olsson prefers to have a spin.


Sharp-eyed supercar lovers will immediately spot the wing on the Murcielago’s rear, suggesting it to be a Super Veloce. But this bull is actually an LP640 that has been given some customized touches such as a carbon fiber body kit, an IPE exhaust system, bigger brakes, suede interior and a carbon steering lifted from a Gallardo. Oh, and he also converted the car into a rear-wheel drive.


It took three years for this project car to be completed, and it seems that Olsson is having a time of his life taking that Murcielago with studded tires through the snow and climbing the mountain. “I love cars, and I love glaciers. So why not combine the two and just go out there and have some fun?” said Olsson.