Valena-SV additives for motor oil (discount for users)

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Valena-SV additives for motor oil (discount for users)

Mar 16, 2018
Good evening.
My name is Anton, I write from St. Petersburg, I represent the Valena-SV oil additives and I would like to tell users about this products.
Valena-SV is a product that the main function is the defense against wear and lowering of friction.
During the friction process a 1-2 micron copper film is formed, and has a regeneration function, and this guarantees an excellent defense against wear and tear over the working life of the lubricating oil.

With VALENA-SV you will receve:
- fuel economy up to 14%
- oil saving up to 50%
- lowering of noises and vibrations
- increasing the service life of mechanisms
- reduction of harmful emissions
- cold start protection
- protection from hydrogen wear

All processes are scientifically proven.
From 2015 we work in Russia
From 2017 we work on the European territory
From march 2018 we started working in the United States of America and Canada.
for now it is possible to buy the product on Amazon for USA and Canada:

For users of this forum, we would like to get a 20% discount from the price of $ 44, for a total of $ 35 including shipping costs.

I will be happy to answer at all the questions.
Anton Yurkov

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