Removing OEM steering

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Aug 20, 2004
this is about my mother's EJ7. Her OEM steering's leather has been peeling off so i decided to get he a reasonably good chop shop EJ7 steering.

Problem: Old steering wouldn't come out, no matter how hard we pull it. Brought it to Honda, they can't take it out. Brought it to some workshop, they can't take it out. I was told that there are some workshops around that has the tool to remove stubborn steerings. Anyone can point me to the right direction?

my location is subang.

thanks a bunch. didn't know steering was such a fuss lol.. :stupid:
have u tried using wd40?spray the part that stick n let it settle for an hour
or 2.just my 2 cent.
failed? tight.bring it to workshop la bro.i think they know how
to help u remove it.
ask accesory shople....but get ready to return with a broken or deep scratches steering wheel:biggrin: :biggrin: i did that lastime, the fella use crowbar to remove...lucky steering shaft din break:thefinger: ......if not...
failed? tight.bring it to workshop la bro.i think they know how
to help u remove it.

done as well. they asked me to go to honda. did that also. then they ask me to look for shops with that tool to remove mine...

ae101: well at least they got urs out, mine 5 men tarik also cannot come out LOL. scratches on the steering doesnt really matter as its the reason why my mum wanted a new one.

aihhh :hmmmm:
Try using a large sized bearing puller?

Shud do the trick...
yeah was asking abt that. any idea's which workshop around subang/sunway area has it? im sure sunway "should" have it... :hmmmm:
Acc shop won't have it. Try go to a car workshop? They shud have it though... Good luck!
bro.. try go tyre shop.. who knows they have those tools..
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IMHO, any decent car workshop shud have it. It's not a special tool. It's just a bearing puller mah...

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