Porsche Boxster & Panamera GTS launched in Sepang!


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Sep 2, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
Porsche Boxster & Panamera GTS launched in Sepang!

Remember when we wrote about the 2012 Porsche Boxster here? Well, SDAP finally launched the baby Porsche at Sepang yesterday.

There’s a lot of new in the 2012 Boxster – longer wheelbase, wider track, larger wheels along with an all-new lightweight body shell. Other enhancements include a revamped PASM system, larger wheels, bigger brakes, and improved aerodynamics. The optional Sports Chrono Package now also includes dynamic transmission mounts for the first time which allows the driver to tweak rigidity and damping settings to greater drivability between comfort and sport.

Two engine variants are offered: a 2.7L/265hp/280Nm Boxster and a 3.4L/315hp/360Nm Boxster S and are priced at RM450k and RM550k respectively, without options and excludes registration fees, road tax, and insurance. These prices are inclusive of a four year warranty and a four year complimentary service and maintenance package.

Also launched alongside the Boxster was the Panamera GTS. Are you the sort who think the Panamera S is a little too slow and the Panamera Turbo is a little too bonkers? Good news then, because the Panamera GTS slots in neatly between the two. The V8 mill from the S is maintained although outputs have been increased - 430hp/520Nm (up from 400hp/500Nm). Besides going fast, the Panamera GTS promises to sound incredible, thanks in part to the "Sound Symposer" that helps transmit the engine's snarly notes to the cabin.

Standard hardware on the GT include the Sound Symposer (that transmit the engine’s snarly notes into the cabin), a deeper chin spoiler, stiffer and lowered version of the PASM suspension, as well as the Sport Chrono Package. Vistually, the GTS takes many styling cues from the Turbo – blacked out theme in the headlamps and around the air intakes, rear diffuser, window trim, tailpipes. Four LED DRLs are also adapted onto the SportDesign front bumper. Cabin now features plenty of leather and alcantara.

The Panamera GTS is priced from RM1,050,000 and beyond and like the Boxster, will include a four year warranty, with a four year service and maintenance package.

We won’t drivel on too much with the on-paper specifications of the cars, so stay tuned for a more conclusive report when we get our hands on them. In the meantime, you can view all the hi-res pictures from the launch here.


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