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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

This is a year 2007 Honda City, with more than 8 years of abuse from mother nature and the intense pollutions from Kuala Lumpur, it was sent for a repaint a few months ago. Custom painted to a black and white theme, the roof, grill and some trim where black while the rest of the car is a pearl white. After a few months of paint curing, we arrived at the car for the finishing detail.

Upon arrival, we parked the car at a suitable location for the washing process.

The sun was out, therefore its perfect for some sun shots.

Its obvious that the paint shop did a very rough polish, giving the paint a dull finishing.

Regular paint shops in Malaysia are usually not very professional, if you found a shop that does painting professionally, we would ask you to stick with them for any future repaints or touch ups.

Why we say most paint shops are not professional? This is why. Here is a poorly finished paint, with wrinkled up surface around the flat surface totally destroys the outlook.

Windows clearly indicates watermark issues.

With LED lighting, we can spot visible swirls as well.

Even on the black roof, swirls exist.

We got the car washed in detailed and parked it at a shaded area.

We then started the paint correction process. Here is the restored surface.

The swirl level been fully removed. The percentage restored was more than 90%.

After more than 6hours of paint correction, we were finally ready for the coating application. Check out the final results.

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