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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Today, we are all the way at Melaka, the historical city of Malaysia. We have no prejudice on what car we work on, as long you love your car, we are always here to give your car our best.

Upon arrival, we inspected the car for surface defects, stains, scratches, and also got briefed by the owner on a few spots he noticed. From the exterior looks of the car, it is fine, clean and expected to be damage free, But....

The expected condition was not really satisfying. Although on silver, but it lacked definition on the reflection.

If noticed, there is a light hologram on the surface which is blocking the shine and reflection from popping out

We spotted more light swirls and hologram on some panels. It is not covered on the entire car so, we assumed that the dealership did some spot repairs but was not professional.

We found more holograms on the side fenders.

Even on the rear C Pillar of the car.

The dealership marked the roof as there was a 1mm dent but failed to remove the marker mark on the paint.

Surface tension was poor, had no water beading at all.

We moved to washing the car, claying and started correcting the damages. Here is a Before.

Here is the After

We continue to correct other section of the car.

Upon completing, we now see a clear, defined, round and solid reflection of our LED lighting.

We also removed the marker mark with some light polishing.

As for the wheels, we cleaned the exterior face of the wheel and also the wheel barrel, The different is not major as the car was just driven back from the dealership.. Before.

And the After.

Check out the beading on the rims

As we proceed to inspect the glass, we found that it is rough and had no water beading on it.

We dried off the glass after claying to see the watermark stains. This car must have been left outdoors for quite some time before sold to our lucky customer.

Another View.

After we removed the watermarks, we coated the glass with Gtechniq Exo as the coating is specially made for Glass.

After correction, hologram removal. swirl removal, watermark removal. we coated the car with Opti-Coat Pro or also known as Opti-Guard. Here are the results.

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