Optimum Coating : Honda Jazz Swirl Edition


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

"Honda Paints are generally the hardest to deal" is a statement we always hear from friendly competitors. "Black is a hard to deal with colour, swirls are extremely visible on black paint" is also a statement we get from alot of customers. Some consumers are also familiar with this statement. We are here to accept all challenges on black or even on a Honda.

We have with us a Honda Jazz, in black today.

Due to the inaccessibility of the owner's apartment, we are forced to bring the work to a rented compound for the coating process to be performed in.

As we were parking the car into a proper position for the washing to be done, we spot these damages under the sun.

This is the kind of quality your dealership is providing when they give u a "FREE POLISH" before you collect your car.

More damages on other areas of the car with halogen spot lights.

A combination LED and Halogen spot lights allowed us to have a clear view on the paint defects of this car.

We did the standard general cleaning on the car, dried it, and rushed on to the correction. Here is are some Afters.

The white spots are actually dust from the compouding.

A clearer view on the panel, swirls no longer dwell on this paint.

They had combinations of LED and Halogen spots lights for us to use, Hence we are able to take extremely clear shots on the defect free surface.

Finally a close up on the paint to make sure all is good to go for the coating.

Finally, its our please to greatest pleasure to present you