Need Advice on 4G92 DOHC 'rojak'

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May 14, 2007
hi to all, first of all let me intro maself, i'm ceklat fm kl, newbie in the wonder autoworld, i'm seeking an advice fm all sifus here for my engine mod. I'm using proton wira aeroback 1.6 (A), engine already change to 4G92 DOHC (non-mivec) nearly 1 year because my stock 1.6 engine (4G92p single cam) 'kong'.

I change the engine only (enjin lantai) where all the wiring, gearbox, ecu use back. now become rojak la (4G92p gearbox, wiring, ecu + 4G92 DOHC engine). Refer to pic below


What i'm going to do now is to change back (1)+(2)+(3) to 'normal' cond where original mitsu 4G92 DOHC look alike. For this project, i went to chop shop to find all the original thingy, unfortunately very hard to find.

The tauke advice me to take the 4G93 parts (as pics below)


where (A) ignition harness (B) distributor i think (C) coil (D) intake manifold + GSR tb.

My doubt is:

1) can this project successful??
2) need to change ecu??
3) for sure need to rewiring the ignition harness, where can be done??

advice fm all expert sifu is much appreciated, TQVM
yeah, if its working y bother fixing it? n how is rojaking even more stuff from a 4G93 going to help make things betta? ;)
Forgot to mention earlier, my tb is out and the engine kept semput lately.. fm the Mitsubishi Club Australia forum they advice me to change all those thingy.. hope can suit the engine..pening pening
Most of the 4G92 parts is compatible with proton 4g92, including the wiring. Even my Mivec version, just plug and play for most things except the ECU. Gearbox, wiring, engine mounting, exhaust, and etc all can be re-use.
why dont u change to 4g92 mivec head and mivec ecu. hehe....

if u put 4g93 those parts in i think u need a piggyback ecu to tune ur engine.
yeah.........sounds BOT is the word use to describe how to solve the problem.
and NOS it also. haha..............
been to the workshop this morning, the mechanic change the intake manifold + fuel rail + injector where tb use back 1.6 one (only service and change the gear inside), retune using their 'electronic tolls' (don't know the name). result = i'm very satisfied with the power produced.. the injector is 240cc, former one 182cc i think..
no semput adi, smooth gear changing and good throttle response..
the coil and distributor can't use because need to rewiring back the ignition harness, the mechanic advise use back the distributor because this type is more 'tahan'..
thanks to all no pening anymore

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