My 2007 Hall Of Fame.... (56K Don't try)


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Jul 22, 2004
Well, here is my hall of fame for the year 2007.
Here are the models that I build throughout the year.


Individual Shots

Fujimi Treuno AE86

Fujimi Levin AE86

Fujimi EK4 Weathered(Rebuild)

Tamiya Honda City QQ

Tamiya Mitsubishi Evo VI

Tamiya Mitsubishi Evo VI Rally

Fujimi Mitsubishi Evo VII HKS Kansai

Fujimi Mitsubishi Evo V Police

Fujimi Mitsubishi Evo VII Initial D Style

Fujimi Mitsubishi Evo VII Ralliart Street Look

Fujimi Mitsubishi Evo VIII GSR GT Wing

Fujimi Mitsubishi Evo VII RS

Hasegawa Mitsubishi Evo III GSR

Hasegawa Mitsubishi Evo IV GSR

2006 and 2007 Builds combined

Hope you guys enjoy my models. Though some models start to have their paint a bit fading and dusty, still I love them... 8)

BONUS! Evolution Meeting
Just new photography angles of my Evo's !

Hope I can build more Evo's next year.!!
Happy modeling!


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Apr 2, 2004
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Very nice collection...:biggrin:

Random Post Every 5 Minutes

Hi bro n sis,

My Putra is using the stock spoiler at the moment. If you havent seen one before, well, it looks tame, small, gentlemanlish...let's just say very low profile one.

I will put on bodykits on the car soon and I plan to install carbon fibre bonnet as well. Since I'm doing such a major "overhaul" of the body department of the car, I must also change the spoiler...

But I duno to go for the normal spoiler or put in a GT wing...What's the...
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