asking about suspension again...


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Dec 24, 2003
i had tanabe sustec for rear and now looking for a front sets.

as for front sets..i'm actually looking for a not so hardcore one as in....not as hard for track use and not as soft liek standard.....

was thinking of maybe APM's it like and price ?

anyone could enlighten me? and please suggest or recomend thanks
not so hardcore and not so soft ... very susah laa ... as most ppl oso want comfort and performance but as we all know u cannot have both laa .. hahahaahhaaa ..
if u just wanna use for daily driving and abit of fun .. maybe those kayaba SR special is good enuff for u liauuu ... then again u might think its too soft coz we dunno whats your level of soft and hard is like maaa ... best u join us in one of our TTTs and sit in a few of our cars laa ... then we can have an idea of what u think u wanna have laa ..
true also

hahahhahahhaa...ok la...thanks anyway
QiW, I agree with you... some people can accept vibrating dahsboard and they said that still the ride is SOFT!!!!

Best way is to hitch a ride and judge it by yourself...

In the end, the judgement whether it is soft or hard is in your own mind.... although your Mom or Dad may nagging regarding your setup! hahahahaha

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