4G92 Mivec Block + 4G93 Head

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Aug 14, 2008
from what i know 4G91 t/belt not equal 4G93 t/belt due to engine block height by 20mm. correct me if i'm wrong.


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Apr 7, 2011
Dublin, Ireland
yes i know about the 4G93 engine block been a bit taller. but from what i know, the 4G92 DOHC mivec and 4G93 gsr take the same timing belt.
thats because the 4G92 mivec head is a bit taller, which makes up for having shorter engine block. but the 4G91 takes a smaller timing belt and the head is just about the same as gsr. so was wondering if there is any height difference between 4G91 and 4G92 engine block. if not then i need the 4G91 belt?

only difference between 4g91 and 4g92 engine block is piston size?

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the 1.5 4G91 timing belt done the job
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