19 Injured in Koenigsegg CCX Crash at Gran Turismo Polonia

Having too much power at the wheels can sometimes be a bad thing, especially when one is not that qualified to handle them properly. This is properly displayed at the recent 2013 Gran Turismo Polonia race in Poznan, Poland, where the driver of a yellow Koenigsegg CCX lost control of his machine and went straight into the spectators standing at the roadside.

Started in 2005, the event is well-known to attract a large crowd of supercars from all over. But apparently not all are experienced drivers as the driver of the 806-horsepower Swedish missile was seen accelerating on an open stretch of road, but shortly after lose control as the CCX’s rear end started to wiggle, crashing straight into the metal fencing and spectators behind it.

As countless videos started to emerge on the net showing multiple angles of the incident, a lot of viewers are now questioning the experience of the driver as he was previously seen attempting to drift around a corner unsuccessfully.

The latest update reported that 19 spectators were injured in the crash, where seven of them were hospitalized for broken limbs and head injuries. Thankfully however, in this dramatic and shocking crash, no one lost their lives.


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